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Planting Seeds that grow!

Technology is an integral part of the school curriculum. Students in grades 6-8 are engaged in an iPad 1:1 program.

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Developing God-given talents through academic excellence.

The mission of St. Joseph School is to encourage our students to have a zeal for their Catholic faith through prayer and service and to provide students with the opportunity to develop their God-given talents through academic excellence.

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Emergency Drills

We will practice all types of emergency drills during the school year. These drills include fire, severe weather, and lockdown. Fire drills are practiced monthly. Severe weather and lockdown drills will be reviewed and practiced

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Please remember students are tardy in the morning if they are not in line when the first bell rings. Students who enter the gym after we stand for prayer, wait at the gym doors, join us for prayer and the pledge, and then move to

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Circles of Care

Circles of Care-Parents

It is required each year that the schools and churches of the Diocese offer parents information pertaining to creating safe environments for children. The Diocese provides

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Providing a quality Catholic education for students in the Ponchatoula area since 1896.

St. Joseph School was established in 1896 to serve the Catholic students of St. Joseph Church Parish. It has been a landmark of the Ponchatoula area for generations. The school is operated by the church parish which for years has been served by the Dominican fathers.

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